My debut Novel

My debut Novel
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Olympics And Discipline

We all have been engrossed in the Olympics these last two weeks.  Amazing athletes and heroes hold our attention for hours.  They give us something or someone to root for.  I think of all the hard work they've done in their lives to get to this point to either be rewarded or disappointed.

I myself love the gymnastics.  The steadiness they used to remain on the beam as they do their jumps. How they circle around the uneven bars, fascinates me.  My favorite is the floor exercise mixing their athletic ability with grace.  Or the speed they must use to do their flips in the air and land steady on their feet. They hold a lot of guts and confidence.  The discipline they obtain to become the best and an Olympic gold winner consumes their whole life. 

We all have to have some discipline in our lives.  The level of discipline depends what is important to us.  Sometimes it'd be easier to let things go.  As writers we have to discipline ourselves with our time using every minute in a productive way.  I work a full-time job that can be a mental drain but I come home and do my second job of writing.  I'm not alone. There are many people out there doing whatever they can for a dream or to just get by.

Watching these Olympians gives me hope our dreams can come true.  They show us what hard work can do for us.  We watch because it gives us something or someone to root for in a world full of turmoil. For a while everything makes sense.

What sport is your favorite in the Olympics?  

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  1. I love the running. It's amazing to see just how fast they can move! I get a little choked up seeing them win. They've worked a lifetime for that moment, and I can only imagine what they feel.